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About Us

Hello Brows

For Sarah, an over-plucked eyebrow is personal.

Hello Brows has been created by former Model, Sarah who after falling victim of the over plucked 90's trend as well as a few failed DIY brow attempts, created a formula that was enabled her to grow back her brows to their original shape.

“Thicker, healthier looking brows can actually make you look younger and instantly update your look.”

While brows are huge in the beauty industry, there are still plenty of women who are not aware of their options available to them.

“I have been able to create something for women to be a step closer to thicker, youthful and current trending brows again.

“From being a teen in the 90’s to a failed attempt at my own brows (twice) I refused to believe there wasn’t an option to help regrow back my brows.

Coming from the modelling industry, Sarah learnt quite a few tips and tricks that she still uses to this day.

 “With extensive research and dedication, I combined that with my knowledge and found the formula and created something that worked for me, I became eager to help women alike.

 “Using this formula daily, enabled me to gain back my brows to their original shape within 6 weeks.” said Sarah, 30.

 Sarah is passionate about natural, cruelty free, chemical-free products with high-grade ingredients, that when combined - actually work.

This company was created to bring all of the brow lovers across the globe into one place to be a part of our Brow Clique. Our Brow Clique know great brows and the secrets to achieving them, do you?


We love all of our furry friends and therefore do not have any part in animal testing.

Sarah Hadgkiss