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Why your eyebrows have stopped growing and how you can change it

August 04, 2016 3 Comments

Why your eyebrows have stopped growing and how you can change it

growing back your brows


You may have noticed the attention eyebrows are receiving of late. They are basically the new black. If you are anything like me, you over-plucked your brows in the 90’s and were left with a pencil thin brow that looked uneven and far from full. Now, the aim is to regrow your eyebrows.

Eyebrows are like the staple of the face, have you seen those pictures with celebrities without eyebrows? Scary right! Eyebrows have come along way since the 90’s, with names such as Cara Delevingne  and Megan Fox proving that fuller shaped eyebrows enhance the face and give a well groomed look.

If you are wondering if you will ever be able to grow your eyebrows back, you need not worry as you still have hope yet, before we take a look at ways you can grow your eyebrows back, let’s take a look at the reasons your eyebrows may be thinner than usual.

Over plucking.

Repeatedly ripping out hairs in a certain area can stunt the growth cycle semi-permanently, or even cause a condition called traction alopecia, a type of semi-permanent hair loss, making it even harder to regrow over plucked brows

  • follicle damage (plucking can damage the follicle underneath the hair. they are responsible for hair growth, so damaging them can mean permanent eyebrow hair loss.)


Trichotillomania is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that affects many people, who get an impulsive urge to pull the hair out.  Common areas for hair to be pulled out are the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, legs, arms, hands, nose and the pubic areas.

Poor nutrition.

While you may not think that your daily meals can have an effect on your brows, you may want to think again. Hair loss can be a sign that the body is in an unhealthy state. Crash dieting, unhealthy foods that don’t provide nutrients and lack of certain food groups, such as proteins, can all lead to hair loss. To ensure you are eating the right food groups for healthy hair, please click here for our FREE Eating Your Way To Beauty book

Clogged pores.

Using make up along the brow bone can cause they pore to become clogged which stops the hair follicle from being able to open up and grow. synthetic products like creams and lotions as it may also clog the hair follicles on your brows and slow down the hair re-growth process.



Hypothyroidism, also known as under-active thyroid, is a condition where the thyroid gland does not create enough of a thyroid hormone called thyroxine. Hair loss is a common cause of any kind of Thyroid Disease.

Apolopecia Areata.

Also known as spot baldness. In some cases the hair can be regrown, in others the hair loss can be permanent. Treatments for this can work in some cases. Alopecia Areata can be occur at any age but most cases begin in children or teens.

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Atopic dermatitis, also known as atopic ectema, is a medical condition that might lead to thin eyebrows. It's an inflammation of the skin that leads to itchy, red and swollen skin. It affects around 20% of people in their lives.


As you age, the hair generally starts to get thinner and hair loss becomes more common.


When a person is under an inordinate amount of stress, it may upset the regular balance of hormones in the body. Since hormones play an important role in the production of hair, an overall lack of energy due to excessive strain and worry may interfere with hormone levels.


Don’t Pluck Or Wax!

While it may seem obvious, just a quick pluck or two that you think won’t make a difference, does. So, drop the tweezers and step away form the mirror! Letting your eyebrows grow back without interference will be the path you need to go down to have full, lush eyebrows. It may leave you feeling awkward but this is a process that needs dedication! You can do it!

Boost your intake of hair growing nutrients.

Diet can take a toll on your hair growth, this being on your head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Foods high in protein, healthy fats and Omegas will become your best friend helping you from the inside out. These food groups will allow your hair to grow and repair quickly and efficiently. To find out which foods are the best for growing your hair please click here.

Use a eyebrow growth product.

Using a brow growth product will help to stimulate blood circulation to the area and reactivate and open up the hair follicle, once the hair begins to grow, the product will continue to work by sealing the hair shaft, keeping it strong and avoids breakage. Hello Brows Brow Enhancing Oil is an organic option without any harmful ingredients, it is completely natural and not tested on animals. Click here for more information


While this might be easier said than done, reducing stress levels will not only help your hair grow but will also help you in other areas of your life. Be sure to get a good night rest every night and find time for yourself to recoup, re energise and balance your energy levels. Meditation is a great way to do this and only takes a small portion of your day to provide brilliant holistic results.


Exfoliating the area will help unclog pores and assist in opening the hair follicle. To do so, use a soft brush in a circular motion or gently massaging the area with your finger.

Tint the hair.

Eyebrow hair can grow back thinner or/and lighter in colour. By tinting the hairs you will notice more than the eye could see before as they may have been so light. This will give you a fuller brow look and will give you more options for shaping (please have shaping done by a professional and do not try yourself at home. For more information on eyebrow tinting please click here


We would love to hear from you regarding this post, please comment below!

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3 Responses


August 22, 2017

So I had an ingrown hair and way over plucked. I’m big time stressed everyone keeps asking what happened. I need help big-time but cannot afford a whole bottle. Do u offer sample bottles maybe for a lesser price? Or a free trial, promotion. Please help
. Thank you Ben Cancilla


March 21, 2017

Great article! Definitely going to purchase Hello Brows

Tammerly @ Spoilt
Tammerly @ Spoilt

August 30, 2016

Thanks for the awesome tips – I think I might invest in some Hello Brows Oil.

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