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What Is Trichotillomania?

April 13, 2017

What Is Trichotillomania?



Trichotillomania. It can be difficult to say ((trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh)), spell and even know what it is. While not a new condition, Trichotillomania, is more so just....coming out of the closet. Trichotillomania, is also known as a hair pulling disorder. It can run in families and triggered upon times of high stress. The most common places of the hair being pulled is, eyebrows, eyelashes and the head. Since the rise of social media, the world is starting to see more of this condition, as people are becoming so open about various conditions they are dealing with. Studies have shown that only around 2% of the population have Trichotillomania.



Trichotillmania for some people can be either "focused" or 'automatic".

Focused - is when the hair pulling is intentional to relieve stress, when feeling overwhelmed they pull the hair as a way to destress themselves. 

Automatic - is when the person is pulling out the hair without even realising it. It has become a habit when they are bored, thinkig deeply or simply watching TV.

Some people can alternate between the 2, depending on their mood and surroundings.

Trichotillomania can be related to emotions:

  • Negative emotions. For many people with trichotillomania, hair pulling is a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, anxiety, tension, boredom, loneliness, fatigue or frustration.
  • Positive feelings. People with trichotillomania often find that pulling out hair feels satisfying and provides a measure of relief. As a result, they continue to pull their hair to maintain these positive feelings.

Trichotillmania, has been related closely to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)  by experts.



While Trichotillomania can be difficult to treat, the good news is.... it is possible. Different treatments work for different people. Below is a list of treatments available.




Trichotillomania Treatment

Boost your intake of hair growing nutrients.

The nutrients going into your body are crucial on the journey to growing your hair back. Take it from someone who is speaking first hand here. If you have a diet that is either A) Unhealthy or B) You are unsure of which foods help hair growth, then please let us help you with a list of foods that can assist you. To find out which foods are the best for growing your hair please click here.


best eyebrow growth product


Use a eyebrow growth product.

Using a brow growth product will help to stimulate blood circulation to the area and reactivate and open up the hair follicle, once the hair begins to grow, the product will continue to work by sealing the hair shaft, keeping it strong and avoids breakage. Hello Brows Brow Enhancing Oil is an organic option without any harmful ingredients, it is completely natural and not tested on animals. Click here for more information


While this might be easier said than done, reducing stress levels will not only help your hair grow but will also help you in other areas of your life. Be sure to get a good night rest every night and find time for yourself to recoup, re energise and balance your energy levels. Meditation is a great way to do this and only takes a small portion of your day to provide brilliant holistic results.

Tint the hair.

Eyebrow hair can grow back thinner or/and lighter in colour. By tinting the hairs you will notice more than the eye could see before as they may have been so light. This will give you a fuller brow look and will give you more options for shaping (please have shaping done by a professional and do not try yourself at home. For more information on eyebrow tinting please click here


If you or someone you know is dealing with Trichotillomania, please reach out and know there are options available. Please share this post, you never know who might need it.

We would also love to hear from you regarding this post, if you have something you would liket to share, please comment below!

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