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The Beauty Trends Of The 90's

March 14, 2017

Agh the 90's. When they were finally over we were happy but once they were more of a memory than just last year, we began to realise how cool they actually were. We had Nirvana, Lil Kim, The Lion King, Space Jam, The Spice Girls, Saved By The Bell, Windows 95 and happy pants. Let's be was a great era to be apart of.....mostly.

Now, we all know that the 90's are back but we pretty confident there a few trends that will be staying right where they the past! From eyebrows drawn on with sharpies and zigzag hair parts to the conair braiding machine that you very quickly regretted if your hair got caught in. The 90's showed us some crigneworthy beauty and fashion trends, so for the sake of a good laugh....let's take a trip down memory lane together!


The scrunchie.

Oh the scrunchie, personally I think these will make a come back.

90's hairstyle scrunchie


Pencil thin or no eyebrows

Now, seriously, who made this fashionable? I'd like to speak to them and question their reasonings. I think the only person who pulled this off was Pamela Anderson.

thin eyebrows



"The Rachel" hair cut

Yes, we all wanted it, it was revolutionary!

the rachel haircut

Frosted lipstick

No comment.

frosted lipstick

Mood lipstick

Goes on green and turns pink when you were happy! Fun and uuummm innovative?

Mood lipstick


The Fountain head

Janet Jackson nailed this look cosistently and perfectly in Poetic Justice, do you agree?

90's hairstyle


Con Air brading machine

Ouch, this one required skill.

conair braiding machine


Butterfly clips

Yes butterfly clips for days.

butterfly clips

Glitter hairspray

This was SO cool. Especially if you had brunnette hair because it made it look ULTRA shiny.

glitter hairspray

Topsy Tail

Oh the good ol Topsy Tail! A simple way to look like you had your hair professionally done. 

the topsy tail

Snap barrettes

Bend and snap! Sometimes these snaps hurt though!

snap barrettes

The Mcdonalds fringe

HAD to be thin and resemble the Mcdonalds M

90s hairstyles



Remember any of these or have some more you would like to share? Comment below we would love to hear from you!

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