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July 31, 2016



Stage 1: Denial.

This is where you tell yourself that your eyebrows are fine the way they are. You don't need thicker brows, you don't really care that there are women around you with perfectly shaped, thicker brows, it's just a trend anyway - You say this to myself as you look at the aftermath of a previous "trend", a trend that unfortunatly, is not to easy to reverse.  How did you get here? 


Stage 2. The decision to start.

So, you have decided to start, all you can think is......


Stage 3. Google

You begin to use google more than ever, trying to find how other people did it, brow inspiration ideas and anything else brow related. You start to realize that brows are the new black. It is now cruicial this process ends well.

Stage 4. The resistance to pluck A.K.A the feral stray hair stage. 

The urge to pluck is more than ever.

Stop. Just stop.


Stage 5. The erractic decision to attend an event with bad brows or to get them done and pretty much start again. 

You want to go, you don't want to tell anyone you are in hiding because you are growing out your brows and they currently look hideous. But you want to wait until they look perfect, you want to make an event of it, kind of like Extreme Makeover at the end where they reveal their new amazing self. So, what do you do??


The struggle is real

Stage 6. Anger.

This is ridiculous, why did I start this???? 


Stage 7. The selfies.

Crucial to the process, is there more hair than there was yesterday? Lemme check my selfie bank to compare!

brow selfie

Stage 8. Zoning out of converations because you are annalyzing everyone elses eyebrows

brow meme

Stage 9. The anxiety of finally having them shaped. 

You can't talk about it because it may not seem that big of a deal to another person. BUT IT IS! This is it, what id the brow artist ruins them? After all this time? Agh 


Stage 10. The Reveal Day.

You finally have brows that are full, the perfect shape and you are looking fine! You look younger, your eyes stand out, you look on point, polished and have that "I naturally look amazing" look. 

It's time to show the world your new brows! Twirl girl twirl!


 Stage 11. The compliments

Let them roll in! 

People start mentioning how fresh you look. They look at you as if you may have had some sort of work done to your face, you look different but they cant pin point it. You start to realize how a simple comment such as "You have nice brows" can boost your mood and make your day. You are back! Yes, that's right, you look fabulous!


Stage 12. Being reminded of how far you have come

beyonce meme

And you think.......



If you are looking to grow your brows back, please let us help you!


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