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How DIY Eyebrow Tinting Is A Game Changer

March 20, 2017

How DIY Eyebrow Tinting Is A Game Changer


Eyebrow Tinting. 

Whether you have tried it in the salon, at home or not at all, I am going to share my eyebrow tinting experience with you.

I consider myself as a DIY brow tinting professional. I have not had professional training just plain ol' "on the job experience". I have been dying my eyebrows at home for around  15 years. To explain a little about me, I am a natural blonde who has been dying her hair the darkest shade of brown for 15 years, I am sure you are thinking, wow that sounds like a whole lot of maintenance? Let me tell you, it is more than you can even imagine. I have to colour my hair every single fortnight without fail. I have to carry my supplies on holidays and everything. Failing to do so results in a manky regrowth colour that when my hair is up, it looks like I am balding - which is kind of weird looking because I have a lot of hair. 

Anyway enough about the hair colouring and back to the eyebrows! As you can imagine with this kind of upkeep, I have to also keep my eyebrows in check. Yes I have very light eyebrows too, so colouring them is crucial to "my look". If I do not have my eyebrows coloured, my face looks bald, it's very strange. So every fortnight it is for me.

Basically this is my story on how I became a DIY eyebrow tinting professional. 

Now my credentials have been explained......let's talk about eyebrow tinting

Getting your brows tinted professionally is great - if you have the time and money. For me I don't have the time and cannot justify paying $25 every 2 weeks. 

The thing I love most about tinting my eyebrows is the fact it darkens the lighter eyebrow  hairs that I have, which instantly creates a fuller eyebrow. I do this before I get my eyebrows treaded so I get a better shape and result. Tinting my eyebrows makes my eyes pop and my face look more complete, it gives more structure and youthfullness to my face (unsure if youthfullness is a word but it best describes what I mean here, and you get it, I know you do)


The steps to DIY eyebrow tinting:

1. Make sure you eyebrow area is clean and has no make up, remove all traces of brow pencil, gel etc.

2. Apply a thin layer aroud the area to ensure no tint stains the skin (if it does we have an answer for that too)

3. Mix the colour according to the instructions.

4. Apply the colour evenly and carefully, concentrate on the body of the brow then the baby hairs last.

5. Now at this stage, the best thing to do is stop and keep time, every minute counts in this process, so if you have decided to colour both eyebrows giving one of them a minute more of developing time, you will have different coloured eyebrows. You don't want that. I would suggest that if this is your first attempt, you don't wait the full time. This will allow you to see how well it develops on you, some people find their brows darken very quickly and unless you want them super dark...testing is a good idea.

6. Rinse time! Use a wet cotton pad or ball to do this. Make sure that it does not run into you eyes, if this happens, please rinse your eyes straight away. A good way to rinse is to tilt your head to the side over your sink.

7. Your eyebrow will look darker than the actual result at this stage, this is because they are still wet. 

8. Repeat with the other eyebrow and ENJOY!




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