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Eyebrow Threading - What Is It & Do We Love It?

February 19, 2017

Eyebrow Threading - What Is It & Do We Love It?

Eyebrow Threading

Whether you have or havent heard of it, let me tell you at the Hello Brows HQ, we love it! Gone are the days of wax pots and anxiously waiting to see if our brows have remained or decided to run away with the wax on that painful rip from the skin. After dealing with the no eyebrow trend of the 90's and not wanting to go back there, having brows left after each eyebrow appointment was vital. Simply googling for "eyebrow waxing near me" isn't an option, I want trust in this relationship, I want to know 100% that I am not back in 1999 with my tadpole eyebrows. I want thick (but not too thick) perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Now, we are not saying the an untamed brow isn't beautiful. Frida Kahlo is a perfect example of how a unibrow can make one an iconic, beautiful figure of history! But for the sake of the topic of shaping, and we are huge fans of threading. 

Eyebrow threading is precise and amazing. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts....but it's totally worth it. Beauty is pain right? 

I can still remember my "first time" the time I had my eyebrow threading cherry popped, yes it hurt, yes it was weird, yes it was uncomfortable but OH YES I was hooked!

Anyhow, we love eyebrow threading so much we have decided to write a post dedicated to it. How and where it was origianted from as well as what is involved in this fantastic technique. So...let's begin!

First of all, let's start with the basics.

Eyebrow threading or threading in general is a method of hair removal that is typically performed on the facial area, particularly eyebrows and the upper lip.

The threading technique is used with a thin cotton thread which is doubled, then twisted. It is then (with extreme precision, control and perfection) rolled over the area of desired hair removal. Unlike other eyebrow techniques where either single hairs or chuncks are removed, threading can remove small rows of hair at once. Threading is the queen of defined eyebrow shaping

If you are anything like me, you are interested in how things came about and the history behind it. So here it is.....

While it is unknown exactly where threading was originated (as it has been around for an extremly long time) I can tell you that it was either Asia or India. 

One theory states that it began in India over 6000 years ago then spread into Asia and the Middle East, followed by Europe. 

eyebrow threading


If you have over - plucked and looking for help regrowing your eyebrows, we recommened:


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