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Dark lips and what you need to know before you wear it

June 15, 2016

Dark lips and what you need to know before you wear it


From the Paris runways to Kylie Cosmetics, dark lips are making their mark in the beauty and fashion industries. This ultra cool trent was huge at the Winter '16/'17 RTW runways with names such as Dior, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood nailing the look and here at Hello Brows, we have to say...WE LOVE THEM! This look is so sexy/feminine/gothic chic/Rock chick. Whatever the look is that you are going for, we are going to go through a few key steps you should take to ensure they are looking Beauté à la française (beauty, french style) and not Ne pas être sorta de l'auberge (face a complicated problem)

1. Start from the inside. Drinking adequate amounts of water is vital for not only your lips but for your entire face. Not drinking enough can result in dry, cracked lips and bad breath (no one wants to have or be near either of these things) So, key take out? Drink at least 7 glasses of water a day! Your face will thank you for it.

2. Cover the lips with a light foundation or concealer, reason for this? To allow the colour to pop! This is a tip used by top make up artists.

3. Line the lips, this will help to stop the colour from bleeding.

4. Focusing on the lip being the centre on attention and keeping eye makeup to a minimum will give you  the "fresh off the seat of front row at fashion week" look.


Below are some of our favourite looks

Jodi GordanChrissy TeigenMia Connor MUA MelbourneKylie Jenner Hrush



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