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CASE STUDY: Sarah's Eyebrow Regrowth Story

October 04, 2016

CASE STUDY: Sarah's Eyebrow Regrowth Story

 Sarah's Eyebrow Regrowth Story

It's unfortuante but the eyebrow trend of the 90's was pencil thin, this even carried into the 2000's. As you can see in the "before" picture, what looks like a brow is actually just a brow pencil line (yes thats how thin the were) I was victim this for ten years, that was until I decided I would not longer be the victim of this fashion faux par. I decided to take action.

A lot of women have come to terms that their over-plucking days will never leave them. I was not one of those women. I became obsessed with how to grow eyebrows

This is why, today I want to share with you the strategies that I applied to my over-plucked and pencil thin brows, and created an incredible trunaround, growing them back to not only their original form but thicker.

You see, the reason I was able to grow them back thicker, is because I took a holistic approach. Now let's go through how I did it and how you can apply to your own brow journey.

Firstly, you may be wondering who I am right? Let me tell you.

I am the owner of Hello Brows and Tea With Me, I come from the modelling industry and have a wealth of knowledge that i have picked up along the way. I am very passionate about natural beauty care and looking after the body. My vision to establish ethical brands that help increase womens confidence with issues such as regrowing eyebrows, and clearing bad skin. I found solutions that worked for me and was eager to help other women across the world. You see, the products that created my brands, were blends that cured my brow and skin issues, so I can put my hand on my heart and tell you how much these mean to my own confidence levels.

So, back to how to grow eyebrows!

How I created the best possible outcome for my eyebrows (as I mentioned earlier) was a holistic approach. I ate the right foods and I applied the right product. This ensured that my body was helping from the inside as well as the outside. 

A healthy person has beautiful healthy hair true? Yes! So, why it be any different with your brows? I can tell you that I have personally tested this and it is very true. There are certain nutrients required to help regrow your hair, to find out more, please check out our FREE download here

My top tips for growing back your eyebrows?

  • Hello Brows Brow Enhancing Oil (Of course) Stimulating blood circulation to the area will help to reactivate the hair follicle so the hair can grow, the product will also help to seal the hair shaft and keep it strong so it wont break.
  • Don't pluck! Just don's. This process requires patience and dedication.
  • Eat the right foods, the top nutrients needed? Silica, Vitamin B & C, Iron and Calcium.
  • Give the brow make-up a rest - this can clog pores.
  • Find a way to relax, stress can contribute to hair loss.



I achieved outstanding results in a very short amount of time and I am so happy to be able to share that with other women alike. 

If you can relate to any of these points, I can say from first hand experience that you are not alone, and you can take steps to improve your eyebrows!







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