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Deliciously Dewy Skin

May 26, 2016

Deliciously Dewy Skin

Picture: Australian supermodel, Nicole Trunfio



Deliciously Dewy Skin

Article by Anthony Adams 


Dewy skin is something that has been favoured for several years now; personally it is one of my favourite looks. The battle for most is how to achieve dewy skin when there is a plethora of products out there.


There are several steps to the dewy, all starting with taking care of your skin. Having the perfect canvas to start any makeup application is important. Many people only need a simple facial exfoliation or a dab of moisturiser to have their skin ready for the painting.


Next it is time to focus on your Foundation and Concealer. These two items will be paramount in getting this look right. You need a concealer that can cover and conceal any skin flaws such as redness, pimples and darkness under the eye or dull skin. There are several products you could buy if your budget allows it. Not everyone has all of these flaws, so one that is the same tone or a little lighter (if that is your preference) will suffice.


Your foundation needs to be something that offers moisture to the skin. Choosing one that is matte will give you the totally opposite look. You need to find one that makes the skin look like it has had a good drink of water. If your skin is in fairly good condition, you may opt for a tinted moisturiser or similar. Choose your colour by applying a small amount to your chin/cheek area. The colour should blend seamlessly into the skin, you do not want to see any darkness or lightness and it should simply disappear.


Before applying my foundation and concealer I often use a light dab of liquid highlighter to mix into my foundation, this will offer a glow under the skin. When applying I like to utilise my brushes or a sponge to ‘push’ the foundation into the skin. This will give coverage, while also offering longevity.


With this look I normally avoid using powder, this will mattify it, changing what we are trying to achieve. If you tend to have oily skin, maybe take a compact with you to touch up in the areas you start to shine or lose the coverage.


To accompany this look I tend to go very natural with all other makeup. Soft natural tones on the eyes, mascara to coat and separate the lashes and a very nude lip. Often I will only use gloss just to give the lips slight colour and moisture.


When applying any blush I gravitate towards peach tones or anything that will match your colouring and give you a healthy glow, like you have pinched your cheeks. I tend to go for no powders when doing this look, so go for a liquid or stick blush. Depending on my clients colouring I then decide if I use more highlighter. I tend to pull back on this, unless the look calls for it. By adding more it takes the makeup from natural to more made up which this look really isn’t about.


So go forth and share your dewiness with the world!


Some of my favourite products for this look are:



Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

chanel foundation

MAC Lustre Drops

Mac lustre drops



Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter

Benefit high beam



YSL Touche Eclat

YSL concealer


Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick

Maybelline blush stick




Anthony Adams


Anthony has been a Makeup Artist for almost 20 years. Anthony has worked for mega prestige brand Chanel, where he was one of their travelling Makeup Artists for around 7 years. 
Anthony then started working with celebrities, based in Sydney.
Anthony has worked with entertainment Icons such as Barbara Eden, Esther Anderson, Deni Hines, Christine Anu, Paulini, Katie Underwood, Grant Denyer and many more. His work consisted of TVC’s, Live Performance, Editorial and Music Videos. 
Anthony’s work has featured in Body and Soul Magazine, OK Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, as well as an album covers, billboards and alike. 



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