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8 Unexpected Beauty Hacks Straight From Beyonce's Makeup Artist (Cigarettes being one of them)

May 19, 2016

8 Unexpected Beauty Hacks Straight From Beyonce's Makeup Artist (Cigarettes being one of them)

beyonce make up artist


If you you are like us, you have watched or listened to Beyonce's album, Lemonade, over and over and your heart just exploded (even more) for her. She is one amazing, talented, hardworking woman, right? Yes she is!


It's not just the creative work and and talent that we love but her beauty that we are so deeply in love with. It's like she is superhuman!

In a recent interview with Brydie, Queen Bey's makeup artist, Sir John, dished on a few tried-and-true skin and beauty hacks that keep the superstar looking flawless. There are definitely some tips will surprise you!


blotting papers

Cigarette rolling papers

“A slightly weird tip is to use cigarette rolling papers—they are best and cheapest blotting papers!”

honey for skincare

Honey for the Queen B

“A great DIY exfoliation recipe for knees, lips, and elbows is using honey and brown sugar. Mix both and exfoliate; then rinse. This helps gets rid of fine bumps and dead skin.”

sunscreen face highlighter

Sunscreen as a highlighter?

“I like to use SPF as the no-makeup makeup look that everyone loves. SPF contains titanium dioxide, which is light reflective and gives this beautiful glow and natural contour. Most people don’t know sunscreen is actually one of the best highlighters (especially in pictures!).”

milk skincare

Milk bath

“This tip is super old school, but I love to soak in a bath of powdered milk mixed with hot water. The lactic acid in milk helps to soften skin and makes it feel so smooth. You can also mix the powdered milk with water to form a paste-like substance. Press into skin leave on until dry, and then rinse it off. Skin is left extremely soft.”

rose water toner

Rose Oil

“Combine rose oil (one-third) and alkaline water (two-thirds) and put in a spritz bottle. This is the best smelling mist and energizer for midday. Also, if you need more repair for your skin, rose oil is amazing in general and can be applied directly to problem areas—under-eyes, etc. before bed.”

coffee skin


“One of my favorite body scrubs is a DIY one! Use coffee grinds, raw brown sugar, and a little coconut oil, and mix. It is seriously the best energizing scrub ever.”

apple cider vinegar skin

Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs ACV)

“I use apple cider vinegar mixed with water for an amazing facial toner. This is especially great for when you feel pimples coming because it helps to kill bacteria.”

coconut oil brows

Coconut Oil

“I know this is an obvious, but I am a huge fan of coconut oil—it does everything! I use two tablespoons a day internally, and I also gargle with it to kill bacteria. Coconut oil is also an amazing body moisturizer and helps give skin a quick glow, and you can use it as a gentle makeup remover.”



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