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The inside secrets from top make up artist, Rania!

April 08, 2016

We had the pleasure interviewing the fabulous Rania, a make up artist from Sydney. Rania has delivered nothing short of amazing content on her Instagram page @rania_bellamarie_mua there is no wonder she has a cult following of over 75,000!  So, of course Hello Brows jumped at the chance to pick her brain on which products she loves and how she keeps her brows looking oh so fab!


make up artist Sydney raina


What method do you use to maintain the shape of your incredible brows? e.g.. Threading, waxing etc. Have you always used this method?

 I tweeze my eyebrows every second day to make sure there is no regrowth visible. I usually tend to outline my eyebrows and then tweeze any hair outside the outline. By using this method, I avoid any over plugging.

Brow pencil or gel?

If I am going for a more subtle look I tend to use a brow pencil however, if I want a more defined look I will reach towards the brow gel.

What is your current beauty regime?

I moisturise my eyes and face every day and night as it is extremely important to do so especially because I wear makeup on a daily basis. 

My night time ritual usually involves: removing eyemakeup, cleansing my face, toning and finally moisturising. I use a Vitamin C Elixir spray day and night as well as a serum as it helps with scarring and pores. Twice a week I use a facial scrub and face mask.

What's one beauty trend you regret trying?

Over plugging my eyebrows!! I still have some empty spots but luckily enough we have all the required products available to fill in our brows accordingly.

If you could choose one person to do their makeup, who would it be and why?

- I would honestly have to say Kim Kardashian. There is something about her that keeps drawing me in towards her.

What is your view on the current beauty trends?

- Instagram is a wonderful platform for people to share their skills, however I am not a big fan of the current colour correcting, over contouring and baking trends. Some of these trends might look beautiful on video or photos however they are not as attractive in real life. 

make up artist sydney

What is the one beauty product you cant live without? 

- Mascara for me is a lifesaver. Just adding one coat of Mascara opens the eyes up and makes them look more defined. I never leave the house without any Mascara.

What are your tips on the perfect selfie or photo?

I'm by far not the best selfie photo taking person, however I learned that it's very important to know your angle and find the right lighting!!

What advice would you give other women or young girls that are wanting to achieve their own success?

Have passion for what you do and stay persistent especially in the beauty industry as the competition is high. Don't look at it as a job but more of a hobby and watch yourself grow slowly as success doesn't happen overnight.

What are your plans for 2016?

Last year I felt I was on a very fast roller-coaster ride taking me places I wasn't prepared for. I think this year I am more aware and prepared for the growth of my business. I have some new collaborations coming up which I am very excited about and I would love to travel to the US where the beauty industry is very strong.

What is your favourite makeup look?

I love a bronzed eye look with no eyeliner but striking lashes and a bold lip.

How did you get into make up?

I have been wearing makeup since the age of 16 and was always fascinated by anything to do with beauty. My friends always called on me when they needed their makeup done so it was only natural that I fell into the industry. 

And finally…what is your favorite quote?

"Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart".

Make up artist sydney

About Rania:

Rania is a freelance makeup artist with over 5 years of experience in the industry. She is self taught and runs a mobile service which has grown tremendously in the past 2 years

Rania is a fulltime freelance makeup artist that works all year round creating countless bridal looks for wedding parties as well as everyday glamour makeovers. Rania enjoys furthering her learning every year by updating her product knowledge and perfecting her craft in the newest trends of makeup artistry. She loves any opportunity to learn and be creative in a team environment as well as commercial work. She also enjoys teaching makeup lessons to clients of all ages.

Rania has a very dedicated following on social media (Instagram) with over 75K followers 

rain make up artist



make up artist sydney

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